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Your link profile helps popular search engines like Google to understand how your website relates to other sites. There are numerous SEO tools that make it easier for you to analyze your link profile and start understanding its overall makeup.

Most people tend to manipulate links in order to enjoy its maximum benefits. Some will even utilize artificial links to boost their search engine rankings. While doing this can sometimes work, these dangerous tactics are against Google’s rules and can get your website de-indexed. So, you should always try maintaining a healthy link profile. Use these link building techniques and get more backlinks to your site

Be Fair

Let your link profile indicate to search engines that your website is earning its link authority fairly. Don’t lie or cheat. Always ensure that your link profile is honest and healthy.

Good Content

Editorial links refer to those links which are added naturally by sites as well as pages that are interested in linking to your website. The basis of acquiring earned links is often through creating high-quality content that’ll genuinely make people wish to reference. And this is where crafting 10X content is essential!

To get quality backlinks, you only need to create worthy content. Alternatively, you can hire a local link building agency. However, it’s important to note that too many backlinks featuring the same anchor text might indicate to Google that you’re using faulty strategies to manipulate your website’s ranking in search results.

Guest Blogging

Want to drive more traffic to your site? Well, guest blog. With guest blogging, you have a relevant and industry-specific tool that will let you brand your business. Plus, it will tell your clients that you understand your area of specialization.

Plus, you can blog on your own. However, you can still post on other guest sites. All you need is an account with high traffic guest sites.

Prospecting for Those Broken Links

Who said that prospecting those broken links doesn’t work anymore? Of course, people think that this is an old technique. However, it does work. People have been using it and the technique is still relevant.

Here is how it works: Browse those popular blogs. Alternatively, you can browse an influencer’s blog. From here, you can scan the pages and see if you can find any broken links. In case you find one, send the blog’s owner and email explaining that the posts contain broken links.


Mention influencers in your content. Doing so will earn you links. Remember, if you mention influencers in your post, they will definitely mention you and share your content. This will get you links.

Leverage Infographics When Link Baiting

Do you know that infographics top the list when it comes to the most shared content online? Well, you can take advantage of infographics when doing your backlinking. Online users love infographics—they appeal to many. So, use them when doing link baiting.

The Bottom-Line

Link building isn’t all about search engine results. It’s also about acquiring links that’ll bring more traffic to your website. That’s why you always strive to acquire backlinks from relevant sites whose audience would find unmatched value on your website, as well. And it all starts with crafting unique, high-quality content.

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