Healthcare management Applications – for the faster progress of medicine

Health has always been a priority. Life is always THE priority. Patient-care, in particular, has developed a broader spectrum over time and requires a continuous upgrade from the medical system concerning the value of services offered.

Additionally, the most important engine for improved quality and innovation is technology. This technology can be provided by software development companies. And the healthcare management program is the most effective form of an upgrade in this direction. Actually, the worldwide digital health market is estimated to reach close to 200 billion dollars through this year based on the newest statistics. IT outsourcing companies work hard to deliver healthcare management applications and it may be the best thing to invest in the not so distant future.

A faster and more accurate technology

Individuals are tech-savvy now and it is normal for them to control their health through wearable programs. Consequently, hospitals, pharmaceutical, and clinical trial providers, in addition to other stakeholders of their medical market, are always on the lookout for the next best health care management program.

Technology is vital to help them maintain the new healthful habits and provide better patient care and expertise. A fantastic health care software solution makes a significant difference in the entire process — from worker efficiency, better information management, and services, to a smoother experience for the individual when he interacts with the machine. Utilizing technology in the operational part is critical for the end customer and also for maintaining your competitive benefits.

The paper age has ended long ago

If you are in the medical business for a while now, you already know that paperwork in such a complicated system is outdated. Transferring all of the information from EHR (electronic health records), EMR (electronic medical records), HIS (hospital information system), healthcare CRM, dental practice management software (DPMS), picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), radiology information systems (RIS) and other medical procedures, into a protected electronic form is crucial. The workflow is much more fluid and the focus is narrowed down to patient care as opposed to finishing and searching for information in piles of accumulated data. And of course that these online platforms permit the use of portals in which patients interact more directly and simpler with your healthcare unit. They could schedule appointments also have records of medical history. Additionally, the gigantic quantity of big information is put in good use. Issues like inefficient treatments and procedures are identified and replaced with better choices. Even more, clinical, operational and financial data may cause a reduction of prices.


Technology today is easy to embrace, however, particularly fields like healthcare organization, you will need to give a better look at particular matters of ethics and standards governed by the associations that manage the business. But not least, have a look at your implementation strategy.


  • HIPAA-compliance — health care software solutions work with a fantastic volume of information that are processed and saved. However, is this information in safekeeping from electronic breaches? To make certain of this, always make your applications HIPAA-compliant.
  • FDA-compliant — the FDA is responsible for promoting the development and creation of high-quality apparatus by medical manufacturers in the USA. That includes the incorporated applications that the devices use. Becoming FDA-compliant means attaining and keeping all these criteria.
  • Coherent strategy — Big systems can not change overnight. So you must put everything into a strategic plan to replace the old system using the new strategy. Nevertheless, with a fantastic communication strategy, the transition is more bearable.

Healthcare management software suppliers create room for continuous improvement in the health care system. And the tendency is obviously only growing and growing more and more advanced solutions

AROBS Transilvania is improving the healthcare system

AROBS Transilvania Software is a software development company established in Cluj-Napoca since 1998. We provide every kind of software solution requested by our clients. Our 1000 colleagues have extensive knowledge and experience in software development.

We have a strong expertise in the software services industry and high expertise in Automotive, Life Sciences & IoT, Travel & Hospitality, Enterprise Solutions. Our Life Sciences department work on various projects that are ment to improve the healthcare system. The healthcare management software is a very important component of the healtcare system. That’s why it is important to be done by someone with experienced.

If you have a software development project and you need professional to deliver the best product, contact us!

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