Best 10 MOZ Local Alternatives in 2020

Search engine optimization (SEO) is important to get a high ranking for your website on popular search engines. There are more than 100 billion searches per month globally. It has become essential to optimize your site for mobile devices as more Google searches are done using mobile devices than computers. In a Market survey, 76% of marketers stated that SEO gives a good or excellent ROI. 89% of respondents in an Ascend2 survey stated that SEO helps them to improve lead generation, website traffic, and search rankings.

Businesses or organizations are realizing the importance of using SEO. As a result, US companies’ spend on SEO is expected to grow. Organic search is important as it drives 51% of traffic to websites. It also pays dividends to get your site to rank on Google’s search’s first page as this page gets more than 91% of search clicks. The first three results of your search get 61% of the total clicks. Blogs play a very important in the ranking of a website as companies that have blogs have 97% more inbound links compared to those without blogs.

Now you have learned about the importance of SEO, it is time to get select a quality SEO software solution for your company. But this can be a very difficult task given the scores of platforms in the market. To assist you to shortlist the best ones, we discuss the MOZ Local as well as the best 10 alternatives of MOZ Local in this article.

What is MOZ Local?

MOZ is software that is designed for link analysis, SEO, and content marketing. The application gives helpful basic as well as advanced research features for SEO work. You also get keyword research functionalities and a top-notch SEO keyword generator that give info on inbound links as well as the quality of the links. With MOZ Local software, you can benchmark against competitors, copy the best backlinks of your competitors, track social growth, check traffic performance, improve onsite SEO, track ranking, and check onsite issues. On top of that, the application gives a useful resource center and a complete toolkit to assist you launches your SEO campaign.

Moz Local is impressive SEO software. However, if you want to look at other alternatives you need not go away as we also closely analyze the key features offered by the best 10 alternatives of MOZ Local.

Best 10 MOZ Local Alternatives in 2020

  • SEMrush 

SEMrush is an online business intelligence software. It gives a wide range of metrics to help you understand your competitors, the market, and your industry. With this alternative, you can develop smart advertising strategies and check your company’s growth. It is rated as one of the top AdWords and competitive keyword research tools in the market. Digital marketers use this software for SEO programs, keyword research, pay per click, and site audits, to get useful link sources, and for local or mobile visibility on their company’s online strategies. Furthermore, the software gives clear and customizable reports that indicate historical trends and performance.

  •  Serpstat

Serpstat is a comprehensive software for SEO work. Why have we included it in our list of best 10 alternatives to MOZ Local? To start, the software can help you to improve your SEO performance in areas such as PPC, content marketing, search analytics, and marketing. Furthermore, it tells you who is ranking high on search engine results and how you can get forward of your competitors. Serpstat gathers fresh business intelligence information on your competitors’ promotional spending and assists you to know how they get good search ranking results. Additionally, you can also learn about the keywords they use for their programs. With this information, you can make effective SEO strategies to grow your sales and business.

  •  Moz Pro

Moz Pro gives a comprehensive SEO toolset that helps you to boost search engine visibility and ranking. It utilizes great SEO metrics such as Page Authority and Domain Authority to present quality data. With this alternative, you can streamline workflows and divide data for easier strategy formulation. Moz Pro also automatically analyzes SEO opportunities, site errors, and more, and provides actionable insights that you can use to customize your design and content. Furthermore, it gives tools to help you track fluctuations and prioritize them based on their importance. In short, the software simplifies complex analysis to enable you to focus on improving your site rather than spending time on troubleshooting and analysis.

  •  AgencyAnalytics

AgencyAnalytics is an SEO reporting software specially built for digital marketers. Packed with robust features for tracking keywords, checking backlinks, running social analytics, and optimizing other marketing tasks, this software caters to the needs of marketing agencies of all sizes. The software enables you to create custom dashboards that display an overview of your customers’ campaigns. You can also drag and drop widgets that show you the statistics from Search Console, AdWords, and Google Analytics integrations, Bing and Google rankings, the number of linking domains and backlinks, as well as engagement across well known social networks. Additionally, you can customize dashboards for your campaigns, and personalize the information you provide to each customer based on important metrics. Finally, the SEO audit software analyzes clients’ websites to provide you information about problems that affect their organic search engine rankings.

  •  Ahrefs

The unique aspect of Ahrefs is it provides a large index of live backlinks. Furthermore, it gives a solid and reliable backlink checker tool that provides in-depth backlink profiles for any site or URL. This software provides users a clear and big image of any URL or website’s background. Additionally, Ahrefs permits you to view which websites link to the URL, the anchors they use, how robust the backlinks are, and other information. The software also gives data export tools and understandable data visualizations.

  • Raven Tools

Raven Tools help you to perfectly manage your SEO tasks as well as social media conversations and online ad campaigns. With this software, you can collaborate with team members, make advanced campaign reports, manage link building, track search engine trends, and conduct research and analysis. The great part is you can do all the above from a single central location. Raven Tools integrates data from a wide range of sources to enable you to make the best campaign decisions. It perfectly taps the power of SEMrush, Majestic SEO, and SEOmoz as well as data from an in-depth social, keyword, link, and competitor intelligence. The main feature is the real-time Social Stream software that empowers your business to track and participate in various social conversations simultaneously.

  •  UpCity

UpCity is particularly designed to boost marketing efforts. This software guides you on how to start your SEO program and excel in internet marketing. With this software, you don’t require to spend a lot of money to rank high on search engines. Simply pay a nominal amount to see your website’s rank with five keywords. Furthermore, you can also know about the links your site is getting and where it stands in comparison. Get started by answering simple questions about your company, industry, website, and competitors, and add the keywords you want to track. UpCity will provide you the keywords to track and you can easily see the number of monthly searches for the keywords, your site’s ranking position, and the score of the keyword that tells your website’s ranking.

  • BrightEdge

BrightEdge can help you win the content fight in the digital world. It gives a range of productive and effective products to increase content performance marketing. You can also use them to understand how your content is performing online and increase performance by comprehensively analyzing your SEO efforts. With BrightEdge software, you can optimize your content. Furthermore, you can use the sophisticated reporting and analysis tools to make effective campaigns, improve your reach, ensure your content is found easily, and enhance your revenue. The software has five content marketing products such as Data Cube, Content Optimizer, Landing Page Optimizer, Ignite Campaigns, and Story builders.

  • SearchMetrics

SearchMetrics is a top rate content marketing and SEO software that empowers you to make interesting content and engage your customers effectively. The software eliminates guesswork by giving profound insights into your competitors and the market. Its analysis tools help to find fresh opportunities and enable management to make intelligent decisions to increase revenues. With SearchMetrics, you can also compare different domains, analyze sub-pages and links, and track keywords. The software also supports large domains through social media and its vast database of search results. In short, this software helps you to optimize content and search performance, increase online visibility, and improve traffic and revenues.

  • MyLnk

MyLnk is a simple, user-friendly custom URL shortening solution specially designed to help users make and manage short URLs. While there are a number of URL shortening applications available today, MyLnk gives users the added advantage of link customization, making it excellent software in creating and distributing shortened URLs that are appealing and easy to recall.

Aside from personalizing and customizing links, MyLnk permits companies, organizations, and peoples to track clicks and determine whether the links they distributed are catching their target users. The software also provides them link analytics which assists them to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns and gain crucial insights to boost campaign results.

Final Thoughts on using the best 10 Moz Alternatives In 2020

To get more traffic and increase your sales, you definitely require access to the best SEO tools. The issue with most SEO tools such as Moz tools is, they are a little bit expensive. Not everyone can afford them that are why this list of top 10 Moz alternatives will help you.

These Moz Pro alternatives are affordable and provide you an edge over your competitors to track down your backlinks, analyze your sites, search better keywords, and a lot more.

There are still many Moz competitors out there giving a lot more features at an affordable price. So this post is going to be updated whenever we find a great alternative to Moz. So make sure to bookmark this page for future information.

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