Best Tor Alternatives for Anonymous Browsing

Everyone is aware of the fact that in today’s internet world, nothing is hidden and private. At present, hackers use terms like online privacy and security and play with users. Moreover, web hackers and business profiles continuously stalk our browsing exercises to push ads. To eliminate these issues, these experts recommend VPN apps, anonymous browsers, web tracker blockers, ad-blockers, etc.

Despite this, the Anonymous browser appears to be the solution to all these issues. Some anonymous browsers such as Tor don’t need an additional VPN application to make you a secret, preventing all web-trackers. It must be true to say that we normally regard browsers like Tor when we want to work online and keep it private. Many users don’t want to reveal their activities, and hence it is helpful to have an anonymous browser.

When we look at the Tor Browser, it certainly is a fabulous browser that makes people anonymous. Nonetheless, like its advantages, it also has drawbacks, like it dramatically affects your internet speed. So users look for Tor Browser alternatives to avoid this issue. With the growth of the Internet, some best Tor Browser alternatives are available on the web, allowing you to keep yourself unknown.

List of Best Tor Browser Alternatives [Anonymous Browsing]

Our article will share the List of Best Tor Browser Alternatives that are free and available. You can utilize these browser alternatives to hide while browsing. So have a look at the list given below.

Epic Privacy Browser


Epic Privacy Browser

Epic is the first in our list of Best Tor Browser Alternatives. This includes a simple interface and is very easy to use; however, it may affect your speed. The speed varies continuously, but it offers complete privacy, also blocks the loss of your IP address by several WebRTC.

It involves an exceptional encrypted proxy that protects your data from an unknown internet service provider (ISP). With the help of this encrypted proxy, you are also saved on the public network. It reveals and displays data trackers who are following you and enables you to obstruct them.

No other service allows you to block the fingerprint scripts and roles (like image canvas data) except Epic. This best Tor Browser alternative includes built-in protection against tracking scenarios, tracking cookies. It also detects third-party widgets, ad networks, and tracking tools.

Firefox Focus


Firefox Focus

It is the most upgraded and new tool in the list of Best Tor Browser Alternatives produced by Mozilla Foundation and Corporation. You can access it on stages like iOS and Android, although Android uses Blink Engine instead of Gecko Engine.

Firefox Focus has an excellent user interface and pleasing graphics. You also complete your data’s protection and security from the monitoring agencies’ curious eyes and cyber hackers. The application telemetry is also approved by default which supports Mozilla track method perimeters; sadly, it is disabled on Firefox Klar.

The most fantastic feature of Firefox Focus is hindering ad tracking and checking social trackers. You just need to enable the button, and they will get complete security of your session from being recorded by trackers. It doesn’t affect your internet speed and offers extra features, especially for android users. These features include the list of several ads invasion blocked on the website you’ve visited.

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Brave Browser


Brave Browser

The brave browser makes it to our list of Best Tor Browser Alternatives because it is a small and upgraded tool. This open-source browser is based on Chromium produced by Brendan Eich, co-founder of Mozilla design. It presents itself as a browser focussing mainly on privacy and also blocks all the site tracking exercises while hiding your identification on the Internet.

Suppose you are not a windows user; you dont need to worry about that. This best-est Tor browser alternative is readily available and works on Android, Linux, iO, etc. It also prevents all interfering advertisement tracking calls from websites. Onward with this, there is a satisfying system called “Brave Payment,” which pays administrators in order to compensate for the advertisement blocking. Moreover, they have joined hands with DuckDuckGo, a well-known privacy-focused search engine that improves your unknown experience on the web.

Yandex Browser


Yandex Browser

Yandex is the browser that is also serving as one of the Best Tor Browser Alternatives. This intelligent tool automatically discovers the Internet for malware and gives your security from different malware types overlooking the website you go through.

It also has the capacity to block fake and fraud sites; you can also get the protection of your passwords, credit card details. This tool makes online payments safer and more accessible and prevents third parties from following your location and delivery during web browsing.

The unique feature which gives it an advantage above other best Tor alternatives is anonymity. All your actual IP address are hidden and DNSCrypt innovation that encrypts the Domain Sign System traffic. However, you need to enable this option in order to enjoy the service.

Psiphon Browser


Psiphon Browser

It is a straightforward and easy-to-use Tor alternative that includes multi-screening and server switching and involves some steps to give you complete protection while you are browsing the web. It greatly relies on VPN and SSH to provide its customers with Internet access, even in limited regions.

This best Tor alternative will also safeguard you from your internet provider. It even hides you from government professionals who are quietly sitting tight for you to perform an error. It is an entirely free and efficient tor alternative. You can use it on Android and iOS as well, and it offers premium safety features.




If you look at FreeNet, it is a peer-to-peer program for censorship-resistant broadcasting and publishing. It is specially designed to provide freedom of speech and survives on a decentralized network. It is one of the Best Tor Browser Alternatives that supports both OpenNet and Darknet innovations. However, with Darknet, people can join with those users with whom they have already swapped public keys in history. The most amazing fact is that users are allowed to use both modes at the same time.


Tor was considered the best tool for anonymous browsing, but they hacked it later on. So users felt the need for the best Tor alternatives that can do the same job for them. With the help of these alternatives, not only ISP and third-party tracking is blocked, but it also provides you security against the malware. So this is our list of Tor alternatives; if you find any better, suggest and enjoy reading our article.

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