How many words are in a novel and how to count them?

It takes a lot of concentration for an author to write a novel. He has to work with a well-planned and organized approach. A novel comprises of multiple chapters and they usually have to be completed in the form of a sequence. In most cases, there is a pre-planned word count for each of the chapters. Writers have to check the words when they are working on each of them. For instance, if the first chapter needs to comprise of 1000 words, the writer would count them while he is working on it. Writers usually have tight deadlines to meet and they cannot afford to waste time in any manner. 

Manually counting the words is a tiring task and it consumes a long time unnecessarily. Is there an easier option available? The answer to this question is yes. There is no need to count each line manually if you have a good counter tool with you. This tool eliminates the worry of counting the words every now and then. Whenever you want to count the number of words, this tool can be used for this purpose.

Word Counter is one of the easiest tools

A word counting tool determines the number of words in a chunk of text.

  • Using the word counting tool does not take a lot of time. It does not produce results after long delays. For authors, this tool is a helpful option because words can be counted whenever required. Professional authors have to count the words every now and then. They cannot afford to spend several hours every now and then to count the number of words. A word counting tool is a good alternative for them because it saves time and produces accurate results
  • Word count figures have to be accurate particularly when a novel is being written. This is because each chapter has a word limit. Professional authors have to make sure that none of the chapters go beyond the desired word limit. A word counter or letter count tool is a smart option for them since they do not have to read the content from time to time.  It becomes hard to use tools with complicated interfaces particularly if the user interface is hard to use. Only users with quality technical skills are able to use such soft wares. Word counting tools can be used by anyone because they have simple user interfaces. 

The easy procedure of usage

You can get a better idea of how easy this tool is by going through the steps of usage

  1. The first step is uploading the content for which the words have to be counted. This is a simple stage and any user can complete it. Uploading can be done in two ways. Either you can upload it as text by copying it from the source file. If the content is in the DOC or PDF format, it can be uploaded directly as a file.
  2. You do not have to do anything else after the content has been uploaded. The tool would show the number of words as soon as the uploading process has been completed. Users do not have to check and confirm the count after this step has been completed.

Avoiding mistakes in one of the simplest ways

What is the main purpose of using a word counter? How does it benefit the people who use it?  Consider that you have to write a chapter of a book and the maximum word count has to be 2000 words for that chapter. Working on the chapters of a book is never an easy task because writers have to concentrate on getting their ideas right and maintaining the plot. In such cases, it is not feasible to count the number of words because it ruins the level of concentration. With the word counter tool, you can be sure that the number of words would be counted without any mistakes being made.

  • Professional authors have to count the number of words when they have completed a chapter or compiled the book. Books have to be completed before a particular submission date so authors have to work with a well-planned approach. The time spent on counting the words can be saved if a technological tool is used for this purpose. In addition to that, all accuracy issues are dealt properly with this tool.  No need to recheck the words after the tool has generated the results.

Novel writing is a creative task

There is no doubt that novel writing requires an author to work creatively. He has to plan each chapter, arrange the thoughts and then bring them into the written form. A lot of concentration is needed to elaborate the plot of the book in a proper manner.

  • If a writer has to count the number of words every now and then, it is unnecessary pressure on his mind. There is no point in having this pressure when a counter tool can be used to perform the job in an easier manner. Using a word counter is a blessing because the author can concentrate on arranging his thoughts and producing quality book content.


Book writing is not a simple task by any means. Professional authors put in several months of concentration to get done with a good publication. In such a scenario, they have to be highly attentive while working on each book section. Word counting is an additional task which has to be performed several times when the author is working on different sections. Using a proper tool for word counting means that the user does not have to spend time on this task. He can focus on the book content and then use this technological tool whenever the need is there.

For instance, a lot of authors count the number of words when each chapter is completed to keep a check. Word counting tools are free so authors can use them as many times as they want to.

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