Top 50+ Excel Games Download Free Today!

Excel Games are becoming more Popular in office Employees. Excel is the most used tool to keep important Data Organically. That’s not only an analysis tool but its also used for Games. Excel Supports flash-based or macro-based Excel Games on it.  The employees can play this game during office time or on a Lunch Break. Mostly Employee can do a high Score in their favorite candy crush saga or cricket and stick that score on their fac cubicle and Challange other staff. If you are searching for the Popular free  Excel Games than you come at right place. We are giving more than 50 plus Excel Games. Just download this excel games zip file and Play with your Friends & Family.

How to Use Excel Games?

Excel Games are easy to use and Play. The Best part of excel games is they work on even low system Specifications. They also worked on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 too. And, During Play this excel games your PC will never hang like normal other Games. Excel Games Consumes so less Space & RAM. There are more advantages of excel games like you are working and want to take a small break and refresh your mind that time just opens Excel Games and simply Play.

To use Excel Games on your PC Follow this Step.

  1. Download the Excel Game File our Given Link Below.
  2. Now Extract that zip file on your computer.
  3. To open the Game Double Click on that Game File.
  4. Now your Excel Game is Open & Play the Game.

Note: We have listed Excel Game Cheats along with the Game Bundle.

Your Game Score Will be not recorded for next sessions. Excel Games are small Handy Game they have not good high Visuals. If you face difficulty while using Microsoft excel game then tell us our team will be trying to Help you.😊

Download Free Excel Games

There are thousands of Excel games available in the market. But our Excel TutoRial Guide team choose ad top 50 best excel game and giving you to direct download link. Our team also listed all game mode & cheats along with all excel game files. Just Download it on Computer and set a new high score in your favourite excel games. Below we have listed some Popular micro excel games just check out it!

Download Candy Number Crush Saga

The candy number crush saga is the among the top five most popular games of 2018. This game become so trendy this year because of their simple user interface. This game is a replica of the famous original candy crush Saga game which is introduced by King Developers.

Candy number crush saga is also introduced by the King developers. During the game Play, you need to sell goods & things like the stock market. And you need to enter the king candy Price and the Graph flow graph will be automatically created beside. You playing the game in a role as a stock trader and harvest money wisely and collect Points. Download it.


Do you heard about the famous Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile Game then this is 2048 excel version game. The main aim in the game is two tiles of the same number can merge into a new tile that will equal the total value of the two. You can use your arrow keys to move the tiles in the game. When two same number tiles touch, they merge into one!

This 2048 whole game is built is on excel Platform & its support all excel 2007, excel 2016 versions. You can also Pause the game and save it for next time play. You can Download it here.

Angry Birds

This game is the world’s popular game. Just Stretch the rubber band & hit the bird and collect Points. I recommend you to play angry birds game in format Excel Games.


The Monopoly game was developed by an excel expert Andrew Werner. He got the idea to make this game when he is Playing popular VBA excel Game with his lovely wife. Within 2-3 Days Andrew built a Monopoly Excel Version Game. The game is built platform is Microsoft Visually. The Programming Language is used C#.  You can Play this game with your 4 friends either computer bot. We have Provided free Download link in Below.

3D Maze

3D Maze Game was developed by Jordan Goldmeier. He works as a computer engineer in a great company, During his lunchtime, they have developed the game for stress relief. But after that, they share with friends and on the website. They have also Shared the Game code on their GitHub Profile. With the help of a mouse, you can navigate buttons. Below the arrow, you can also find the map to move maze blocks.

Frog Leap

Frog Leap is a Puzzle Game. During this Gameplay, you need to do each move carefully & thinking twice times. That’s a game for Puzzle Lovers.  During gameplay, the frog will jump from one place to another. You need to solve the puzzle of the level after solving that puzzle you will go to another level. You can find a download link here. Download the Frog Leap Excel Game from here. You can also challenge your friends for high score.

Apple Shooter: In this, you need to shoot the apple on other person head with the arrow. Here you do not need to shoot a man if arrow touch the man then the game will be over. This apple shooter game is developed by Wolf Games. Download the Game from here.

Air Fighting

This game is an Airplane Fighting game. In this game, you need to shoot the other airplanes with your Gun. The numbers of shooted planes will be counted as your high score. Download Air Fighting game Here.

Batman: Batman is a superhero of every kid. This Game is inspired by the famous cartoon series Batman. In this game you are Batman and you have to save Gotham city from monsters. The cheat list and moves are already written in the text file and that file is the bundle with the game. Download Batman Game here.

Bowling: Everyone loves to play bowling game at the mall. But what if you can play this game on the computer in Excel.  This bowling game you can play on the computer with 3D Graphics. If you are Bowling love then download this Game here.

Chopper Challenge

During this game, you have to avoid the stones & other giant coming in your Path. More you time play its counted as your score. Make a challenge to your friends.


Bike Racing, Dirtbike, Motor Bike, Relay Game, Race Play most of all of us played this game. BMW-Tricks is same as normal Bike Racing Game. During the race, the stunts you perform will get extra score.

Defend Your Castle

Castle game is a famous game, In the game, you need to Protect your castle from the enemy with guns and Arrows. The Download File link is given here

Drunk Driving

We have many hit car games like Rally Racing, Fast & Furious, Car racing and many more. Like same other this game. Just Change is you have to handle an uncontrollable car & avoid the car crash with objects. Download this Game here.

Chopper Challenge

In the Chopper Challenge game, you are piolet and you have to fly the chopper. But during fly Avoid the obstacles like other birds and planes to clear stages. Download this Game here.

Baseball Pinch Hitter

During this game, you have to set the goal and complete it, You can play this game with friends or you can play in LAN. Download this Game here.


Many People love Golf Game if you also like golf then download this excel Game. The game also has an option oF Multiplayer. You can download this Game here.

Master Blaster Cricket

Master blaster game is for Cricket lovers who want to play cricket game on excel Games. The system will generate automatically team for you and series start. You can download this Game here,

Roller Coaster 2

The Rollercoaster game is on build big roller coaster tracks and collects the Points. This game is tricky and you have to clear 30 levels. Download Roller Coaster.


Search doll Game is inspired from the Barbie Cartoon. You have three boxes option and you have to choose only one box who has the doll. The doll is hidden from other toys. Download Search doll excel game here.

So, In this Post, we have shared the Excel game along with the download link. If you want to upload your excel Game or facing any difficulty while download excel Game then feels free to try Comment Below. Our Excel Tutorial Guide will help you. If you like this Post then share with your friends and Family.

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