Top 10 Best Dark Sky Alternatives for Android

Dark Sky is one of the best weather apps serving the iPad, iPhone users right now. This service was available for Android users in the past, but recently, Apple acquired Dark Sky and deprived the Android users of this app. However, Android users still miss Dark Sky because it has served them with great UI and accurate hourly forecasts. Android users are looking for the best Dark Sky alternatives after its departure that provides them the same services. That’s why we are here with this article, today; we will talk about the top 10 best Dark Sky alternatives for Android users. Our experts have picked all the options based on user reviews and other essential features.

Top 10 Best Dark Sky Alternatives for Android

You can download these best Dark Sky alternatives for your Android devices to keep an eye on the weather. Let’s have a look at the list given below.

1. Today Weather

Today Weather

Android users loved Dark Sky because of its features to provide you with an hourly update of weather situations. If you want this same feature from other apps, Today Weather will serve you the best on your Android device. This app arrives with an attractive user interface and displays all the reports on the main screen in an organized and understandable manner. It offers many features listed like a menu card such as humidity, UV Index, Air Quality Index, Pressure, and much more.

2. Overdrop


Overdrop is one of the best Dark Sky alternatives, which is famous for its two significant points. First is excellent UI and hourly and weekly weather forecast, and minimal report on the home screen. It allows you to expand the bar if you want to access more updates about humidity, cloud cover, pressure, and more. The second central point that makes it adorable is that it doesn’t fill your screen with unwanted ads, even if you are using its free version.

It comes with a beautiful interface and includes different graphic designs and background colors such as MOLED, Dark, Space, Light, and much more.  This app’s downside is the lack of features, but it still offers all essential updates in one place.

3. Geometric Weather

Geometric Weather is not as popular as other names on this list and not even close to Dark Sky, but it offers an excellent geometrical shapes-based interface. You can use it without any fears, as it doesn’t acquire much space on your storage and provides necessary information on the home screen. It is a detailed application that gives updates like real-time temperature, hourly and 15-days weather forecast, air quality index, wind speed, and more. Looking for more updates like humidity, UV Index, Atmospheric pressure, and more? Just scroll to the bottom and find all the updates.

It is a decent replacement to Dark Sky and enables you to customize its home screen updates bar.

4. Weawow


Weawow is another one of the best Dark Sky alternatives, and its features are much similar to Dark Sky. It supplies you with real-time weather updates with all types of information like rain precipitation, humidity, wind speed, pressure, and much more. You will receive hourly updates from this app based on three parameters: temperature, rain, and wind. What makes it different is its flexibility, as it enables you to choose your information source from MET, Dark Sky, Weatherbit, Accuweather, and many more.

This application is free, but you can donate to its author if you want to because there are no ads to annoy you.

5. Carrot


Carrot is an unusual and freakish weather app that gives a hilarious dimension to weather predictions. Like other apps, it shows weather forecasts on a current, hourly, and weekly basis but adds humor to these updates. The app is not good for serious users because of its amusing nature and comes with a remarkable interface. The graphics keep changing with the weather forecasts, and you will listen the sound of blizzards and sometimes torrential downpours to entertain you.

It will make your day with its jokes, and it has given a totally new funny shape to dry weather apps. Carrot offers weather reports such as precipitation, wind speed, pressure, and much more.

6. Appy Weather

Appy Weather is a remarkable weather forecast tool that arrives with a unique user interface and beautiful theme. One such example of its credibility is its award of  Google Play’s Best apps of 2019 in the “Everyday Essentials” category. You can scroll through the menu, which is divided into hourly, daily, and weekly timelines. This app gets power from Dark Sky’s API and provides you accurate weather updates. Its paid version allows more features, but you can use its free version to get accurate weather updates.

7. 1Weather


1Weather is one the best Dark Sky alternatives, which are very famous on the Google Play store and provide a lot of information. It is not efficient as Dark Sky, but it offers plenty of features such as RADAR and video updates without any cost. This app is very intelligent and provides you real-time weather updates, and sends you notifications whenever there is a severe weather change.

8. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel

As the name suggests, The Weather Channel is one of the pioneer weather forecast channels and API providers for other apps and organizations.  It offers you the real-time local temperature, precipitation, wind speed in an hourly timeline. Also provides you a very attractive summary of how the weather will act in the upcoming days. However, the downside of this app is annoying ads and if you want to get rid of them, subscribe to its premium version.

9. AccuWeather


AccuWeather is another weather broadcasting network that summarizes all the weather information on the home screen. It works similar to Dark Sky and delivers users hourly, daily, and weekly weather forecasts. What makes them different is that they use satellites, RADAR, surface maps, and meteorologist institutes of different countries.

10.  Flowx

Flowx is the last name in our list of best Dark Sky alternatives, which is quite different from its competitors and examines weather conditions worldwide. It increases the weather forecast app’s role and provides you a bigger picture of climate development over the earth. In short, this app offers you sufficient data to interpret the next weather cycle and if you like these features, give Flowx a try.


Our list of best Dark Sky alternatives contains various weather forecast applications for Android users. They can choose anyone based on their needs and budgets and suggest other reliable apps missing on our list. Until the next time. GoodBye!

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