Top 10 Best Extensions for Microsoft Edge That You Must Install

Microsoft Edge is a nice and functional web browser that comes with the Windows operating system. After Google Chrome, this is a formidable web browser. Microsoft Edge, like Google Chrome, provides the extension feature. However, unlike Google Chrome, it does not have a large extension library. Moreover, its extension library is expanding, and it now has a number of outstanding additions that enhance your web browsing experience. So, in this article, we will talk about the Best Extensions for Microsoft Edge That You Must Install right now.

Top 10 Best Extensions for Microsoft Edge That You Must Install

I’ve listed the top ten Microsoft Edge extensions that will help you be more productive. We have selected all of the time-required and most valuable additions from the vast extension library. I can tell you that this plug-in simplifies many difficult tasks. So, let’s have a look at the lists.

1. Office Online


Office Online


Office Online is a simple and attractive browser extension that allows you to generate and open Microsoft Office files without having to install them on your computer. It has its own browser plugin. You can access your Microsoft Office account and simply create, open, and edit MicrosoftxOffice files in your browser after installing this extension. You can now use the Edge browser to access your whole Microsoft Office Suite. This extension is available for free download.

2. Evernote Web Clipper


Evernote Web Clipper


If you use OneNote or Evernote on a regular basis, you can add the Evernote Web Clipper plugin to your Edge browser. This OneNote or Evernote task is made easy with this digital notepad browser addon. It can automatically sync to other devices when you’re working in OneNote/Evernote. This add-on also allows you to highlight, screenshot, and annotate any section of a website. So say goodbye to bookmarks and hello to Evernote.

3. LastPass




This fantastic add-on helps you remember all of your website passwords by auto-filling the corresponding website password when you input your LastPass master password. As a result, it protects all of your accounts from being hacked. Because LastPass suggests a strong password for all websites when you use it. Except for the master password, you do not need to memorize all passwords. As a result, it is simple to secure all websites with a strong password. It is amongst the Best Extensions for Microsoft Edge That You Must Install.

4. Mouse Gestures


Mouse Gestures


Everyone is adored by this clever gadget. By automating predetermined operations, the Mouse Gestures application speeds up web browsing. For example, to execute a task, right-click and hold the mouse button, then move down the mouse and drag on the left side to start a new tab. As a result, you should use Mouse Gestures to increase your productivity.

5. Enhancer for YouTube


Enhancer for YouTube


The Enhancer for YouTube browser extension was created specifically for the Microsoft Edge browser. This add-on enhances your Edge browser’s YouTube browsing experience. It comes with a number of features that you may adjust to your liking. You can, for example, instantly change the playback speed, audio level, player size, and so forth.

6. Adblock Plus (Beta)


Adblock Plus (Beta)


Adblock Plus is a free ad-blocking browser extension that eliminates advertisements from all web pages. It’s an excellent tool for removing obnoxious advertisements. You can also choose which types of advertising you want to block. However, this Microsoft Edge plugin is still in its early stages of development. As a result, it occasionally fails to remove advertisements or block web page content. It is, nonetheless, a great tool for blocking advertisements and fighting viruses.

7. Grammarly




Grammarly is the perfect extension for folks who draught or write articles on a daily basis. It’s an excellent tool for correcting grammar and sentence structure issues. Grammarly aids you in producing error-free, approachable writing. This service also increases your productivity and saves you time. When you’re writing, you’re not worried about making a mistake. It facilitates smooth writing without having to worry about grammatical mistakes. It is one of the Best Extensions for Microsoft Edge That You Must Install.

8. Momentum




Momentum is a useful Microsoft Edge add-on that helps you focus on your daily tasks. Data, time, a welcome message, and a stunning wallpaper can all be added to your Edge dashboard. When you open a new tab, it displays the priority task, which encourages you to do the daily task. As a result, this plugin increases your productivity. It also contains a number of handy widgets for delivering variant data.

9. Translator




Why do you restrict your browsing to your native tongue? Many valuable foreign language websites can be found on the internet. Microsoft Translator is the greatest extension for reading out a foreign language. It is simple and quick to translate websites into a foreign language. Microsoft Translator currently supports more than 60 languages. You may instantly translate foreign language pages into your own language by clicking the translator icon on the Edge extension toolbar.

10. Amazon Assistant


Amazon Assistant


If you’re an Amazon regular, this plug-in will improve your purchasing experience. Amazon Assistant is a browser extension from Amazon that helps you save time and money while shopping. The United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, Japan, India, and China are among the ten locales supported by this extension. It is the last name on our list of the Best Extensions for Microsoft Edge That You Must Install.


I strongly advise you to look through the Microsoft Edge extension list if you want to increase your productivity and improve your browsing experience. Install the extension you believe best reflects your personality. Furthermore, there are numerous extensions that are beneficial for a variety of reasons. You can send us your suggestions. Until the next time. Goodbye!

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