Top 10 Best Noise Cancelling App For Android & iPhone

If you’re seeking for active noise cancelling apps for video chats, teleconferences, team meetings, or any other professional purpose, here are some of the finest options of breakthrough noise cancelling apps that can be used anywhere and at any time of day to create a noise-free atmosphere. Because so many people these days work from home, having a good noise cancelling software for your Android or iPhone is more important than ever.

Screaming children and barking dogs can distinguish between a professional-sounding phone call and one that is disrupted by them. Even more critical, you don’t want any distracting background noise to interfere with your focus. Continue reading to learn more about noise cancelling apps and software that are compatible with any device and can help you be more focused and productive.

You will be able to obtain the maximum amount of noise cancellation with the help of these noise cancelling apps and software. In this part, we’ll look at some of the top iPhone noise cancelling apps on the market. We’ll also look at a few Android noise dampening apps as a bonus, so everyone will be covered. Let’s get this party started!

Top 10 Best Noise Cancelling Apps

1. Denoise – Audio Noise Removal

Denoise is a free noise cancelling app for the iPhone that lowers background noise in movies and audio recordings. It does, however, have one significant advantage: it can be used as an iOS extension. Denoise will start working on the recording session as soon as you start recording video or audio with any app. As a result, you won’t have to worry about launching it after you’ve finished recording or watching video.

Denoise – Audio Noise Removal

Denoise is not meant to be used during live phone calls or teleconferences. It is, on the other hand, designed for content creators, allowing you to get studio-quality sound while on the road. You can film movies and record voice notes without worrying about background noise since Denoise will remove it completely from your recordings. Furthermore, if the application fails to eliminate a specific sort of noise, you can use the interactive waveform analyzer to go back and change things afterwards.

There, you can manually mark the part of the recording where the noise is interfering, and the noise will be removed. An integrated DropBox uploader is also in the works, however it has not yet been released to the public.

2. Neutralizer

Neutralizer is a noise-cancelling app for Android that is customised to your unique hearing needs. Because everyone’s hearing is different, a noise cancelling app that works for one person might not work for another. In this case, Neutralizer comes into action. When you initially launch the app, you’ll be prompted to take a quick hearing test to see how well you can discern between different frequencies at varying volumes.


As a result, Neutralizer will be able to design a profile tailored to your needs.
This accomplishes two goals at the same time. To begin with, it means that Neutralizer can predict which noises are most likely to bother you, which is useful for noise cancellation.
Neutralizer, for example, will respond to high-pitched background noise more than low-pitched background noise if you have better hearing in the high frequencies than the low frequencies, and vice versa. Neutralizer is a service that is absolutely free to use.

3. Noise Killer – Stop the Noise!

Another noise-cancelling app for Android is Noise Killer. Its goal is to reduce noise pollution in public areas including train stations, airports, and busy city streets. When you first open the app, it will start removing background noise right away. Its ability to function even when your computer’s screen is turned off is a particularly valuable feature. This will help you conserve battery life.

Noise Killer – Stop the Noise!

Noise Killer also has the ability to adjust the volume automatically in reaction to background noise. When this mode is used, background noise is not only cancelled, but it is also entirely blacked out. Even better, as background noise decreases, it will automatically lower the volume, allowing you to save battery life. Noise Killer is a terrific and free app to use whenever you want to take a break from the noise and side conversations in your environment.

4. myNoise

Despite being an iOS alternative to Noise Generator, myNoise is also available for Android users. MyNoise works in the same way that a traditional bedside noise generator does.
When you choose a noise, it will play indefinitely until the noise cancelling app is closed. You can choose from a variety of sounds to help you sleep, concentrate, or even meditate, depending on your inclinations. Rain noise, walking in the spring, temple bells, and binaural beats are just a few of the sounds available.


When it comes to sleep and meditation, rain is often used as a tool. Meditation and relaxation techniques can also be aided by temple bells. The sounds of rushing wind and twittering birds might lift your spirits on a rainy day. Enjoy these sounds during a spring walk. The sound of temple bells, as well as binaural beats, is beneficial for meditation. And this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what myNoise has to offer.

There are no adverts in the software, and it is absolutely free. But there’s a catch: myNoise only plays white noise by default, which isn’t optimal for certain people. This will be ample recompense for the great majority of individuals. Without having to listen to an advertising every time you use the app, you can benefit from relaxation and increased attention.

5. Safe Headphones – Hear Background Noises

Safe Headphones is a noise-cancelling software for Android that works in the opposite direction of the majority of other apps. In actuality, it’s more accurately defined as a noise-cancelling app. Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish with it, it can perform a variety of tasks. First and foremost, it can help you stay safe while wearing headphones in public places, as the name implies.

Safe Headphones – Hear Background Noises

When this function is enabled, you will be able to hear background noises without having to remove your headphones. If you have to walk through a scary neighbourhood, for example, you may turn on the app to ensure that you can hear anyone who may be around. It’s also useful for crossing the street while listening to music and hearing the horns of passing cars. In some situations, safe headphones can even be used to substitute hearing aids. As a result, the app can help you improve your hearing talents, allowing you to hear noises more clearly and loudly.

6. Noise Wall

Noise Wall is a free app that works on both Android and iOS devices. If you’re looking for a normal noise cancelling app, this software has a few extra features that make it worth a second look. By default, it simply cancels out distracting noises to compensate for ambient noise, which is a straightforward solution. Jet engines, crowd noise, and traffic will all fade into the background as if they were non-existent in default mode.

Noise Wall

The Noise Wall has a transparency mode as well. You simply push a button, and the outside noise is delivered through your headphones as if they were on your ears. This is a terrific feature for making quick social relationships with others.

You can listen to music while waiting in line at the grocery store and use transparency mode to interact with the cashier. Noise Wall is a free to download and use piece of software with some in-app purchases. For $1.93, Android users can upgrade to the Pro version.

7. Noise Generator

In terms of functionality, the Noise Generator differs from the other apps on our list. It is not, in the strictest sense, a noise-cancelling application. It is, in fact, a noise-generating application, as the name suggests. But, in the first place, why would you want to generate genuine noise? Brown noise has a more waterfall-like sound than white noise, with the majority of the sound coming from the bass frequency region.


Pink noise can be described as follows: it’s similar to brown noise, but with a little more activity in the upper frequencies. Consider it a waterfall, complete with delicate, high-pitched water droplets plinking on the rocks below. Blue and violet noise are more concentrated in the upper frequencies, resulting in a more vibrant and active sound.

You can make any of these sounds your own by using the Noise Generator’s high and low cutoff filters. The Noise Generator does not take up a lot of storage space on your mobile device because all of these noises are created dynamically rather than being recorded. The Noise Generator is currently only available on Android-based smartphones and tablets. It is available to you at no cost.

8. Parrot Zik

Similarly, Parrot Zik is a noise-cancelling app for Android and iOS. You can automatically measure the level of noise in your immediate environment with the Parrot Zik app. Everything is fine if there is only a small amount of background noise. However, if the background noise level rises, the app will automatically activate, cancelling out any background noise that would distract you from your music, audiobook, or phone call.

Parrot Zik

The app will notify you if there is too much background noise for the Parrot Zik to function properly. This is a really useful feature of the programme. When this happens, your phone will start vibrating by default. If you don’t want to get notifications, you can disable this option in the Parrot Zik settings. The programme is available for free download on both Android and iOS smartphones.

9. UrbanDenoiser

Although UrbanDenoiser is originally designed for use with music, it is also ideal for use with video teleconferencing systems. It automatically compensates for background noise when you’re listening. As background noise increases, specific frequencies will be masked while the volume is automatically adjusted to compensate for the loss of loudness. This ensures that, regardless of the amount of background noise present, your perceived loudness remains constant.


It also has a number of pre-installed algorithms from which to choose. It also has an optional “surround sound” mode that may be employed at any time, in addition to noise reduction capabilities. This setting allows you to hear more background noise, which may aid in your awareness of your surroundings. UrbanDenoiser should be compatible with practically any smartphone because it is available for Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile. It’s also entirely free.

However, as with most free apps, there is a catch: it is ad-supported, which means that every time you open the app on your device, you will be exposed to advertising. Even yet, when you consider what you get, it isn’t a major issue.

10. Krisp – noise cancelling mobile

The Krisp mobile dialer is a noise cancelling app that is entirely free. When using the free version of the programme, it will remove background noise for up to 120 minutes per week on iOS devices and for up to 120 minutes per week on your computer.The premium tiers give you unlimited noise cancellation on both your computer and your iOS device.

Krisp – noise cancelling mobile

A second phone number is also included in the subscription edition. Please read the pricing section for more details. Krisp is an artificial intelligence-powered noise-cancelling programme for the iPhone. On your end of the conversation, it detects and eliminates background noise, guaranteeing that the other call participant cannot hear you speak.

Noise cancellation on smartphones is insufficient, and it usually fails to work when paired with a headphone or Airpods. On the other hand, using this programme, you may hold the phone in any position you like and use any headphones you want.

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